Video Marketing

In today’s busy world, visual content, particularly moving images and video, grab attention and engage viewers.   Research shows that videos have become the favourite way for visitors to consume content on the web and demand is growing (HubSpot, 2018).

By their very nature, videos keep visitors more engaged and on websites for longer, which helps search engine rankings.   Forbes (2018) found that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video and that video viewers are 95% more likely to retain information and remember a call to action after watching a video than seeing it in written form.  Animoto (2018) found that videos are consumers favourite form of content from brands on social media. 

So, how are you using video in your business to connect, engage and attract your customers?  

The search engines favour the use of video media and your customers prefer to consume information by video… if you are not using video, then you are missing an important component of engaging and connecting with your customers and this could be costing you money.

Video is also a powerful advertising medium and can be extremely cost effective.  Whatever your video marketing needs, we have you covered…   Call us today to find out more!


"Out of the Box" Marketing solutions

We like to deliver business focused solutions, that extend beyond a discrete marketing service and deliver real results…

  • Build a solid online business presence
  • Build a new business generation funnel
  • Increase customer engagement and repeat business
  • Re-engage lost prospects that have fallen through the gaps in a marketing funnels
  • Manage and market a solid online reputation
  • Be found ‘everywhere’ online – Omni presence and multi-channel marketing
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