Mind the Gap in your Marketing!

97% of your website visitors are not ready to buy when they visit you, they do not engage with you and are unlikely to turn into customers after they leave.  You are losing ALOT of business if you are letting your website visitors leave without ‘retargeting’ them…

Until recently, the ability to ‘retarget’ website visitors was a marketing secret of the larger corporates.  It is believed that this marketing opportunity is only for those with deep pockets… false!

In fact, retargeting (cross platform) is the one thing that most businesses should do to bring warm leads back to them and improve the ROI of every other marketing and advertising activity.  It is also probably the cheapest form of digital advertising and will significantly reduce customer acquisition costs as research indicates that a retargeted potential customer is 70% more likely to visit a business than someone who has seen an advertisement for the first time…   imagine what recapturing just a small percentage of those lost website visitors could do for your business!

Whatever your business size, if you are not retargeting website visitors for your business, call us today and stop letting your competition take 97% of business that could be yours!!