Paid Advertising Campaign Management

Experience – Optimisation – Results Focus

Paying for digital advertising is one of the fastest ways to drive people to your website.  But one size does not fit all and a lot of money is wasted on advertising with poorly designed and badly managed campaigns.  Our approach is business and results focused. 

Not all advertising platforms and approaches are optimal for every business and so, before diving into a paid advertising campaign, we work with our clients to understand your objectives and other marketing initiatives to ensure that the we return optimal results for your advertising budget.

Whether you are looking to be found at the top of the search engines using Google/Bing Ads or want to present your offers to targeted audiences on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or be seen on mobile apps or all of the above, we have effective, proven systems to optimise your advertising budget.  

 Google & Bing Ads

Our team of Google Ads professionals are Google Certified and have extensive experience managing over £2.5 million of ad spend every month for satisfied clients around the world.  Our approach is proven and will be built around your business objectives.  PPC (pay per click) advertising is the most common form of advertising on Google Search engines and can be very effective for businesses that want to boost online visibility and drive search engine traffic to their website.  However, campaigns can also be very costly if they are not optimised properly.  So, in addition to running and managing client optimised PPC campaigns, we can also audit your existing campaigns to help you improve your ROI.

Whilst Google is the primary search engine by far, Bing and Yahoo are major players and have a sector of market share that should not be ignored.  We also run paid advertising campaigns on these search engines for clients.


 Want to improve your return from your pay per click search engine advertising campaigns with Google and/or Bing?   

We’ll tell you how… ask us for an audit!


 Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing

Facebook and other social media platforms offer extensive and highly effective advertising opportunities for most businesses.  The opportunity to present your advert to a highly targeted audience is unprecedented on many of the social media platforms.  However, advertising on social media is interruption advertising and as such needs to be approached in a different way to search engine campaigns on Google or Bing.  Poorly designed and badly managed campaigns can be very expensive and result in poor returns on your advertising spend, however, when done correctly, advertising on Facebook and other social platforms, including YouTube can be extremely lucrative.

Our team of advertising experts can help you get the most from your advertising budget, helping you choose the right platform for your business objectives and target audience.  We can design, build, optimise and manage your campaigns to maximise your return on investment.


Dominate the Digital Landscape with Omni-Presence Retargeting

In addition to the above advertising opportunities, it is wise for all businesses to run retargeting campaigns to specifically present your business in front of those people who have already shown an interest in what you are offering.  The opportunity to recapture significant lost business is huge and manageable for all budgets.  In fact, when done correctly, it is the cheapest form of advertising with possibly the biggest impact on your bottom line.  Retargeting is a ‘must do’ advertising initiative that is often overlooked – a costly mistake!   Call us today to find out how our retargeting solutions can help your business grow and reduce your costs of acquiring new business!!