why do I need an ssl certificate

Did you know that websites that do not have SSL certificates are being marked by Google Chrome as “Not Secure”, thereby, warning your visitors that their data might be at risk of theft?

Websites with http:// instead of https:// at the start of the website url are being flagged as not secure, because they do not have an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” – It sounds technical, but all you need to know is that it is a way to tell your website visitors that they can safely share information on your website. Understand that this gives your website visitors confidence in engaging with your business online (and let’s face it, the world is now moving online faster than ever now!).

It protects valuable information.  An SSL creates a secure (i.e. encrypted) connection between your visitor’s browser and your website server.

Whether or not you are collecting payment or other personal data from your website visitors, the presence of an SSL certificate on your website makes it clear to the search engines and your customers alike, that it is safe to deal with your business online and you can be trusted with any data that is shared on your website.

There are various SSL certificates which offer differing degrees of protection at different prices. The right level of security for your site will depend upon the type of data being shared by your visitors with your website. The level of security required for a bank or those taking online payments is different from businesses that only have a Contact Form on their website.

Whatever your business type, having an SSL certificate on your website is becoming essential for every reputable business online. Consult your host provider in the first instance, as an SSL certificate that may be included with your hosting package might be sufficient for your needs.