To help aspiring small to medium sized businesses punch above their weight by using leading edge marketing & AI automation solutions that are used by the larger corporates, at an affordable price.


The acceleration and adoption of online, mobile and social platforms have opened up excellent opportunities for businesses to promote and market themselves to a very specific audience.  Whilst larger corporates have the budgets and the resources to maximise these opportunities, the smaller businesses are having to juggle resources and often struggle to keep on top of the new opportunities that are open to them.  BizBuzzBox (formerly known as Push Button Marketing, was formed by Caron Chung to help all businesses thrive by optimising their marketing efforts and resources for maximum effect.  Leading edge marketing solutions, including artificial intelligence and retargeting marketing campaigns are no longer out of reach of the smaller business…

Caron Chung (founder) has always been passionate about aligning psychology with technology in business and has been a keen advocate for business automation and optimisation throughout her career spanning Marketing, Consultancy, Leadership Development, Coaching and Finance.  With the public launch of AI technology in recent years, Caron is now keen to support SME’s in leveraging AI tools for business efficiency, scaling and growth.